Theatre Photography

I have photographed stage and theater for over 20 years and have documented hundreds of productions. Off Broadway, touring productions, university productions, and local productions are all familiar settings.

I capture the excitement and drama of the stage, as well as the individuality and charisma of the actors and actresses who bring such productions to life.

The intense moments of opening night, the taut final rehearsals,
the exuberance of hot moments onstage
— when acting is Life —
these are the moments I thrive on and can bring to life for you.
I will help you represent the vitality and power of your production.
Exceptional quality photographs are useful for promotional purposes,
as well as enabling production crew, cast,
family and friends to have keepsakes.

Typically my photographs are destined for publicity, advertisements, and posters.
They seek to convey the type and tone of the production
– comedy, tragedy, classical, popular, or avant-garde, etc.
They easily catch the eye of the casual observer
and cultivate interest in attending the performance.

Stage plays often draw their power from words and emotion.
They require a skilled photographer to find a tableau or pose
that sums up a theatrical moment visually.
I can easily capture these moments.
Serious inquiries for publication are always considered.

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