Whether it is shooting from the ground, from the cockpit of a KC-135, or hanging from the rear gunners port of an ancient B-25, I capture aviation moments that few others can.

From a very early age I have been fascinated by flight in all its varied forms.
This fascination has turned into a passion and brings a unique perspective to my aviation photography.

Ever since my father used to take me to the old Norfolk & Western rail yard in Mariemont as a small boy, eating Frisch’s hamburgers while watching the engines switch cars and make up new trains, I have long been a rail fan.

That fascination still exists even though it is next to impossible to get into a rail yard theses days, thanks to 9/11, I still find ways.

I have a large stockpile of rail art and I am available for commissions as well.
If you would like to see more of my work,
Please contact me for details.

Have you ever thumped on the skin of a vintage car? Been inspired by its solidity — and oddly anchored by its structure. Have you ever felt excited by the guttural start of the engine – and the thought of working its interior both calms you and thrills you?
If you have, then you’re a car buff – and understand that our vehicles – sometimes they’re our babies too. We can’t manage them very well. We’re broken by them at times. And we want more for them always.

The love of the chrome, the feel of the paint, the curves from each angle. If you appreciate these as I do and seek photos of your most recent auto acquisition, call me.
I can capture the spirit of your car.

If you’re a public service agency and require photos of transportation in your region, I have over 25 years of producing quality images that will more than meet your need.
Using state-of-the-art equipment, my unique approach captures an automobile’s form, design and essence.
My photographs have been published throughout the world in a variety of newspapers and magazines such as Motor Trend, Petersen’s Photographic, The Columbus Dispatch, and others.

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