Travel Photography

In my travels across the country I have noticed that each location has it’s own ambiance and emotional feel that comes not only from the sights, but also from the sounds and scents that are present. It has become my passion to capture images that invoke all of these intangibles and cause others to feel present in the moment, just as if they were there.

I have been directly involved with tourism bureaus and travel publications in locations across the nation. I am gifted in capturing the heart and spirit of your locale, facility, destination wedding, or any other event.

My images are widely thought to carry a sense of warmth and authenticity. I can help you, your publication, your organization, and the audience you seek to reach appreciate the world we live in just a little bit more.

Let me help you create transcending photos that cause others to long to travel to this destination that you care about so passionately. This is even more important in today’s economy where travel dollars are so valuable. Work with someone who is sensitive to your budget, your heart, and your needs.

Serious inquiries for publication are always considered. After you view this online portfolio, please consider a visit to one of the other related galleries you see linked at the left of this page.

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